LED White 4x5in Wax Dripping Pillar Candle Set of 3

LED White 4x5in Wax Dripping Pillar Candle Set of 3 UPC#: 746427453776 ITEM#: 45377
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Enjoy our LED white dripping wax 4in x 5in pillar candles in a set of 3. Our flameless LED candles mimic a real candle flame without heat, smoke or fire hazard. Made with real wax and require 2 D batteries, not included which result in a longer lasting flame. Simply set on the day and time you'd like to turn on and off each day and enjoy. When it's time to change the batteries, the light will flicker at a faster pace letting you know you know you need to change. Depending on your battery brand, quality and whether you select 4 or 8 hours, you could potentially see 6 months of battery life. LED Battery Operated Candle Made From Real Wax Flickering light creates the look of a real candle without a flame Set the Timer for 4 Hours or 8 Hours Candle Turns on Automatically every 16/20 Hours Candle Automatically Shuts off after Set Time Requires 2 D Batteries, Not Included Pair your candles with our Lanterns, Lanterns, or Candle Holders for a beautiful addition to your home or as a wonderful gift. Product Notes : 2D Batteries per candle not included Material : Wax/Plastic Item Measurements : 4in Dx5in H Color : White Manufacturer : Melrose International SKU : 45377 UPC : 746427453776
- Dimensions: 4in Dx5in H
- Material: Wax/Plastic
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