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"Howdy from Texas... Girl, you have a wonderful line of product! All the women in my family get together twice a year someplace in this great country of ours. Last Oct. we met in Mountain View Arkansas where I went into one of the shops and saw your line of mdse. I went ahead and bought the handbag, billfold and pouch. Since that time, I've bought approx. 2-3 purses at other dept. stores and maybe used them 2 days... What a waste of money because I could not stand it any longer and went right back to your product. I think I'm hooked!!! Glenn, Allen TX"
Texas Mama

"Well here I am all exited to go shopping tomorrow with my NEW BELLA TAYLOR HANDBAG. It arrived today safe and sound and I'm totally in love with it. It is just perfect and just the one that the lady had when shopping. I love it. .....Thanks again for all your trouble and help. It is ready to go tomorrow morning with me!!!!! Schaumburg, IL"
I Love Bella Taylor

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