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We are so grateful that you stopped into our Kitchen and Tableware section today. We are pleased to offer many different options for your Kitchen and Dining areas with beautiful tableware, useful kitchenware and perfect window curtains and treatments from VHC Brands.  You'll enjoy styles from country farmhouse to primitive home. New launches are offered multiple times per year. Take a little while and shop around we have great selections for you for everything you need to get your kitchen duties completed or host family and friends over for a great meal. 

Don't miss our Floor Rugs and Window Treatments to complete the look. We have everything you need to make a wonderful home. 

Everyday Kitchen & Tabletop

 Burlap Window, Tableware, Rugs, Bath and Holiday from VHC Brands

Burlap Natural

 Celeste Tabletop & Rugs Oval or Round Jute from VHC Brands


 Natural Jute Rugs & Tabletop from VHC Brands

Natural Jute

Primitive Stars & Checks Kitchen & Tabletop

 Black Check Bed | Bath | Table | Window from VHC Brands

Black Check

 Black Star | Bath | Table | Kitchen | Window from VHC Brands

Black Star

 Burgundy Check Bed | Bath | Tableware | Window from VHC Brands

Burgundy Check

 Burgundy Star | Bath | Table | Kitchen | Window from VHC Brands

Burgundy Star

 Kettle Grove Home Collection from VHC Brands

Kettle Grove

Full Home Collection

 Navy Check Collection from VHC Brands

Navy Check

Full Collection

 Navy Star Collection from VHC Brands

Navy Star

Full Collection

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