Flameless Battery LED Candles with Timers, Pillars, Tapers, Tealight & More

Flameless Battery LED Candles with Timers, Pillars, Tapers, Tealight & More

You will fall in love with our LED Flameless Timer Candles and our Simplux LED Candles with Remote from Melrose International.

Standard Flameless LED Candle

Our standard flameless LED candles have candlelight that mimics a real candle flame without heat, smoke or fire hazard. A perfect option for families with little ones running around or in homes where you’d like flickering candlelight without exposing your family to wicks emitting harmful chemicals. Our traditional everyday pillars, mosaic, tapers or flickering tea lights feature built in 4/8 or 6 hour timers! LED candle are made with real wax and require either 2 AA, 2 C or 2 D batteries which are not included. Available options are endless with candle exteriors in dripped wax, glitter, mosaic glass, Christmas Tree, Pinecone, birch tree, candles with seasonal cut outs or even just simple white classic candle designs.

Simplux LED Candles with Moving Flame

Our Simplux LED Candles as seen on Fox and Friends Morning Show, offer a moving flame that create a random movement, flicker and ambient glow of a traditional burning flame in a safe and hassle-free manner. Each candle features a 360-degree realistic moving flame and is compatible with our timer remote that features 2/4/6/8 hour timer, adjustable dimmer and flicker flame options. Made with real wax and requires 2 C batteries, not included, you’ll enjoy this candles for years to come.

LED Flickering Tea Light Candles

We all love and use tea light candles, but when they run out whether flame or flameless…we pitch them in the trash. Not with ours. Our LED flickering tea lights are prefect and once the battery runs out, you just replace them with 2 new CR2450 Lithium Batteries. No more throwing your tea light candles away and these tea light candles will light with a beautiful realistic flicker with a 6 hour timer daily for months before needing a refresh. You’ll love these candles and the beauty they bring to your home.

So, grab a bunch of candles and deck your space with a beautiful glow of LED Flameless Candles. Happy Shopping!

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