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Also Available in RED or BLUE

Bedding and Bath


Refresh your farmhouse look with soothing greys and neutral tans all done in chambray fabric. The patchwork bedding collection displays a simple patchwork of vintage stripes, microchecks, and plaids creating a serene, country respite in your bedroom.The vintage ticking stripe pattern on each bedding piece creates a perfectly balanced look for the whole home.

  • Structure: Machine pieced, Hand-quilted
  • Patchwork Layout: Simple block
  • Quilting: Stitch in the ditch
  • Reverses to: Dark creme and charcoal grain sack stripes

Ticking Stripe

The Ticking Stripe collection updates your bed in soft quilted cotton adding simple elegance to a room. Charcoal and tan ticking stripes offer a classic vintage touch while adapting to various farmhouse trends. Mix and match with other accessories creating a personalized look.

  • Structure: Machine stitched, Hand-quilted
  • Patchwork Layout: Ticking stripe
  • Quilting: Channel
  • Reverses to: Solid, lighter creme


Offering unique, lighthearted charm to your home, the Star collection gives a modern farmhouse feel while using vintage-inspired fabrics. Grey and tan barn stars in ticking stripes and plaids provide a fun twist to a favorite country look. The grain sack stripe on the reverse side adds another way to style your bed.

  • Structure: Machine pieced, Hand-quilted
  • Patchwork Layout: 5-point star
  • Quilting: Stitch in the ditch
  • Reverses to: Dark creme and charcoal grain sack stripes

Window Treatments


Hang our Plaid curtains in any window to enhance your farmhouse decor. The tan and black plaid provides a simple neutral background that adds country interest without overwhelming a room. Each item includes a lining to help with diffusing light and a rod pocket for your convenience. The drawstring ties that each prairie curtain and swag have make it easy to customize a unique window look.

Ticking Stripe

If you prefer a ticking stripe on your window treatments, look no further. The Ticking Stripe collection makes a timeless statement in dark creme and charcoal adding vintage inspiration to your living space. Coordinating well with Sawyer Mill bedding collections, all of our popular sizes are available, including our door panel, prairie curtain, and extra-width valance.

Shower Curtains

Decorate your bath in country simplicity with one of our shower curtains. Whether depicting an antique tractor or displaying ticking stripes, these tan and charcoal curtains embody vintage farmhouse charm. Made entirely from soft cotton chambray, our fabric shower curtains include a rod pocket and button holes for hooks. Also available in farm-themed design for extra farmhouse fun.

Farm Inspired Home Decor & Accessories

Complement the rest of your collection with our farm-themed accessories.


The weathered pig featured on our tabletop, shower curtain, and accent pillow lends an old-fashioned yet playful feel to each piece. An antique feed sack stripe adds further historic interest to our all-cotton towels, shower curtain, and pillow.


Enjoy revitalizing your home with our cow-inspired Sawyer Mill table and decor items. Each decorative yet functional piece depicts an elegantly designed bovine bending its head low to nibble on a grassy patch. The purposeful weathering brings a well-used vintage feel to these easy-to-decorate with accents.

Rooster & Chicken

Rooster and chicken motifs provide a nostalgic country look that adapts well to many decorating styles. Sawyer Mill seeks to enrich your home with these classic domestic birds that brightened historic dwellings with their ancient depictions. Each cozy design complements the rest of the collection from the cotton chicken valances to the jute rooster tableware.There will be no doubt about your decor preferences with our Farmhouse accessories With something for every room in your home, create a refreshing theme with weathered lettering and vintage grain stripes while proclaiming your enjoyment of everything farmhouse. The clean design and neutral colors accentuate your existing living space with simple, homespun appeal.

Sawyer Mill Charcoal

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