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Metal Lanterns, Sets & w/LED Candles

If I had to choose my favorite piece to decorate with….I would have to say it is any kind of lantern. If you walk through our home you’d know that lanterns are this girls’ best friend. We have lanterns in most rooms and they are so versatile because they can be changed out for every season to create a brand new look. Whether you have a small space or have a large area to fill, we have individual lanterns and lantern sets in 2 or 3 for your every need.

Enjoy our metal lanterns from Melrose in all different sizes and colors. Some of our lanterns even come with their own LED candle which have a timer so you just set and forget and they’ll turn on/off at the same time each day.

The possibilities are endless for our lanterns. One of my favorite things to do outside of decorating for each season/holiday is using lanterns as “gift bags”. Ok, so you’re wondering what I mean by a gift bag. If someone were to give you a lantern as a gift, but in the lantern they gave you a spa gift card, a wonderful candle, maybe a bottle of amazing smelling lotion and a pair or slipper socks, wouldn’t you love receiving that type of gift? The lantern is the gift bag! There are so many wonderful gifts that can be created from just 1 lantern. Imagine putting a cheese and wine night in our lantern, add a great bottle of wine, a small box of crackers, gourmet cheese, gourmet meat...add a bow and voila, the perfect gift! Now, if you purchase a set of 3 lanterns, you have 3 gifts bags all ready to go, just fill, add a bow and you’re off with something unique, generous and most of all incredibly thoughtful.

Now you have a bunch of ideas and we have a bunch of great lanterns. Have fun shopping and don’t forget to add some LED Candles to your order. Our LED Timer Candles are great for any lantern and you just set and forget and they’ll turn on/off at the same time each day. Or choose our Simplux Candles which work with or without a remote. Happy Shopping!

Decorative Metal And Wood Lanterns For Indoor Or Outdoor Use

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